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Oh Canada!

In less than two week the Estradas will be in Canada!

I’ve been making lists in my heads for weeks (maybe months?). Things to pack, things to buy, things to eat while we are there, things to show Bethany, people to visit. All my lists are blurred together. I should probably start writing things down, its about time I start packing.

Can I just say how hard it is to plan what clothes to pack for Canada? Nicaragua is easy.  Clothes for warm hot weather. If its the rainy season maybe throw an umbrella in there. But Canada? Like two weeks ago it was still snowing. Now it is hot. It could be cold, hot, humid, rainy. We own very few clothes for cold weather. Bethany actually only has ONE sweater.

Ok, I don’t want to talk about what to pack anymore. Just thinking about it is stressing me out. (can you tell I’m going to procrastinate on this?)

Probably the only thing we bought here in Nicaragua to take up is coffee. Ten pounds of whole bean Nicaraguan coffee straight from a roaster. No fancy bags. We buy in bulk! Most of it is for my parents, Meagan and Jeremy, and of course for David while we are there. Sorry, friends and family, we are not bring up and little trinkets and gifts that you will just put on a shelf until the next time you clean house. I’ve bought more then my share of cheap memorabilia over the years. If you want some of my coffee let me know, I see if I have some left to share with you!

Things to eat? I have been making this list since I came home from my last visit! (TWO years ago)
-Cheddar cleese. Its so expensive here. We usually buy one block a month from Pricesmart and I try to make it last as long as I can. Bethany loves cheddar too. So we are going to eat as much of it as we can while we can buy it cheap!
-Blue cheese. Good ol’ Danish Blue. I love it. I craved it while I was pregnant. mmmm.
-Apples. David would be happy if he could eat apples all day long. Thats not an option here where apples costs more then a dollar each.
-Tim Hortons. Wow, stereotypical Canadian, eh? Actually, this is on David’s list. He fell in love with Ice Capps the last time we were in Canada together, and has since then unsuccessfully searched for any kind of coffee shop here that sells something similar. I wouldnt mind eating a few everything bagels with herb and garlic cream cheese, too.
-The deli section of a grocery store. Oh man I miss cold cuts that aren’t balogna. I’m going to eat a lot of sandwiches (with cheddar cheese, of course!) while we’re there.
-My Dad’s hamburgers (please, Dad?!)
Penrose Fish and Chips. Pretty sure I eat this every time I’m home. Its so good.My mouth is actually watering right now just thinking about it.

Places/People to visit
-Centre Island in Toronto. Its a pretty inexpensive way to spend the day as a family.
-The Toronto Zoo! I haven’t been there in more then 10 years. I’m excited to take Bethany there.
-Canada’s Wonderland. This is on my wish list. I would love to take David there, since he’s never been to an amusement park before. Is out of our budget though. (Does anyone have any great connections, or cheap tickets?)
-Anything free or almost free in Toronto (suggestions welcome!)
– We have some people to visit outside Toronto. We will probably be taking a few weekends to travel to the Brantford area, and up to Collingwood/Orillia area. Not sure when we’re going or where we’re staying yet, but we’d like to visit anyone who wants to see us!
La Bella Managua. Its a Nicaraguan restuarant in Toronto. I want to go with my family, so they can experience a bit of the food that we eat here. Not that I cook the rediculously delicious food that is shown in the banner there. But other people do, and I get to enjoy it. Since my parents have never been to Nicaragua, I think they should try the food at least once!

Well, I think thats all my lists. Am I missing anything? I guess I should actually start packing now. Gah.

Oh, and check this out. I love Canada.

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