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Why am I writing a blog post at 7am?


Just 4 nights after taking away her chupeta, she has learned to live without it! And as a bonus, she has learned to self-soothe, and go back to sleep on her own (without having to “furberize” her – using the Cry-It-Out method).

Nights 1 and 2 were really hard. She woke up boths nights at around 3:30, and cried/screamed/YELLED. Both David and I were up rocking her, feeding her, soothing her, cuddling her, and it took about an hour before she fell back asleep again. Night 3 I heard her wake up around 2am, fuss and move a bit, and then silence (she fell back asleep on her own – yay!). She woke up again at 4am and this time she started crying. only five minutes of rocking and she was asleep again.

And then last night. Night 4. She was asleep by 7pm, and at 4am I heard her moving around and fussing, but then she fell asleep all on her own, and didnt wake up again until 6:45am!

I slept sooooooooo well last night!

Bethany is on my bed right now playing, watching the curtains blow in the wind, and talking up a storm. I think she is proud of herself too.

Taking away the chupeta was the best decision we could have made!

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