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The First 20

Note: This blog was actually written on October 26th, but published on Oct 31st.

I can´t believe I´m half way through this pregnancy. I was so excited to wake up this morning and sigh “ahhh….only 20 more to go” Then it hit me….
Holy schmoly! In 20 weeks I´m going to be holding a little baby that is going to rely on ME for everything! (Panic panic panic…) I eventually recovered from the panic, and the excitement slowly returned.

So let’s break down the first 20 weeks…

I am one of those extremely lucky women that had little-to-no nausea so far. From about weeks 6 to 8 I had a few morning when I couldn´t get out of bed without eating a cracker, but I haven´t puked, and since week 8 the nausea has basically disappeared! Weirdly enough though, it freaked me out that I wasn’t sick. I didn´t have my first appointment until I was 10 week, and at that point I only heard the heartbeat (which was super cool, by the way), so when the nausea stopped around week 8ish, I was wondering if something was wrong.
When pregnant women are complaining about their morning sickness, the usual response is “That’s good – it means everything is ok” or “The sicker you are, the healthier the baby is”. So, here I am, not sick at all, wondering if my baby is still growing properly! The good news is that’s a BIG FAT LIE. 3 out of 4 pregnant women experience nausea and vomiting in the first trimester (usually weeks 6 through 12), I was just that lucky 1/4 that sailed through!

Sleepy….oh so sleepy…
Holy wow, I had no idea how much energy you body uses to grow a baby! I basically spent my first trimester sleeping. I would be falling asleep on the couch well before  8pm, crawling into bed at 8ish, and sleeping right through until 6am. Then I would nap during the day too!  Now I mostly stay up until 9pm (wowzers!), but sleep is starting to become more and more uncomfortable. And then there´s the peeing!  I´m waking up 2 or 3 times a night to use the bathroom! I hear this will only get worse as the baby gets bigger…

Well, I can honestly say that the cravings haven´t been that bad, and I have developed a theory as to why. There are times when I see something on tv, or I really want to eat something, but it´s never to the point where I SEND David out to get it. I think that’s because I just tell myself it´s not possible! We live a minimum of 30 minutes away from the closest grocery store, and all the little stores around
here (with their very limited selection) are closed after 8pm. So if I see or think of something I want and it´s too far away, or too late, I just have to suck it up and eat something else (usually fruit). This has probably helped me to control my weight gain too…if I had unlimited access to potato chip and chocolate- oh boy, I would look different!

And some other things I´ve learned…

Lesson #1: I DO NOT like when people touch my belly. I never thought I would react this way, but that’s the way I am! I can handle a few people, David, for one, and even my mother-in-law (she always touches my belly when I say goodbye and says a little prayer), but when random friends or acquaintances reach out and touch it, or worse, RUB it…prepare to be karate chopped! My belly´s not even that big yet anyway! Maybe when it gets bigger my opinion will change…probably not though. I will not make that mistake again with my pregnant friends!

Lesson #2: When someone tells you how far along they are, and you think their belly is too big, or too small, keep your comments to yourself! I´ve done it too many times to count…

“Wow, are you sure there’s only ONE in there? Haha…”

Ya….not cool. Pregnant women are already worried about EVERYTHING. Don´t add oversized/undersized baby to the list! If only I could have an ultrasound every day so I could be reassured that my baby is growing normally, but that´s not possible, therefore, stick with “wow, you look great!”

Well, that’s all I can think of to write about right now. So I´ll finish this off with some belly shots, and of course, my ultrasound shots from Week 15.

17 Weeks

20 Weeks

15 Week Ultrasound

15 Week Ultrasound: Heartbeat

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Switching Blogs

Well, I never thought I would have to do this, but my old blog ( is driving me crazy, and it won´t load on my computer.

I follow a few friends blogs, and I´ve always liked WordPress´ layout, but I figured I would stick with what I started….until now.

So, to see pictures of our house, and the building progress from last year, please check out my old blog.

And to see any new house updates, plus baby updates, bookmark this page!!

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